History of the 1st Georgia Regulars - This regiment completed its organization at Macon, Georgia, in April, 1861, and soon moved to Virginia. The men were mostly from Atlanta and Brunswick, and Glynn and Montgomery counties. 

It was brigaded under General Toombs and in April, 1862,contained 367 effectives. Transferred to G. T. Anderson's Brigade, the unit fought with the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Fredericksburg. It then was ordered to Florida, assigned to G. P. Harrison's Brigade, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and fought at Olustee.

During the summer of 1864, it was stationed in the Charleston area and later saw action at Savannah and in North Carolina. The regiment reported 3 killed and 19 wounded at Savage's Station, had 27 killed and 77 wounded at Second Manassas, and lost 3 killed and 25 wounded at Olustee. Only 45 officers and men surrendered with the Army of Tennessee.

The field officers were Colonels William J. Magill, Richard A. Wayne, and Charles J. Williams; Lieutenant Colonels E. W. Chastain, Miller Grieve, Jr., and William Martin; and Majors E. R. Harden, A. A. Franklin Hill, William D. Smith, and John D. Walker.

Georgia A company, or Able, is the second company of 1st GA. We were split off of B company when we had grown beyond a single company. A company has since become the biggest, most combat effective company of 1st Georgia and is more often than not the Anvil of the corps to B Company's hammer. 

Able forms the backbone of the corps and all tactics are formed based upon Able's location on the battlefield. Able's ranks are depended upon for victory and rarely fail to meet the challenge. 

When a position has to be taken, they send Able, when an enemy charge needs to be stopped, they send Able, when a line needs to be held they send Able.

In Vino Veritas.

First formed in mid 2017 by General Fubar, 1st Georgia Company B is the foundation of Anderson's Brigade. The current company commander of 1st Georgia Company B is none other than the battle-hardened, esteemed gentleman Trumpy. Keeping true to Company B’s roots, they have maintained aggressive and battle-proven tactics. 

Company B commands respect as the shock troops of I-Corps. Made of steel and forged in fire, none can stand against a charge from Company B. If the battlefield is paper, the bayonet is their pen. If victory is our story, Company B is the author. When it gets down to the nitty gritty, tooth-and-nail engagements on the battlefield, Company B is always the first to confront the enemy or to provide engagement deciding close combat support. 

They are feared by their enemies and their mere presence on the battlefield demands the respect of their allies. The men of Company B do not falter under pressure and never will they run from a fight. For honor and glory, for home and hearth, and most importantly, for our smokin-hot cousins back home!

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6th Georgia 

Blackshear's Battery was formed from within 1st GA Regulars, when Arty officially dropped, Cheeto and York stepped down from leading 1st GA Co.B to form Blackshear's Battery. 

  Since its conception we have strived to be the best and biggest arty group in the whole War Of Rights community. That has been done, everyone knows our name, and either hates us or loves us for the death we cause on the battlefield. 

Tormenta Mortis

(Artillery Brings Death)